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    Food for growth-eating cichlids

    01 Oct 2023

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    Especially for growth eaters.
    In the Rift Valley lakes of East Africa (Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika), many of the cichlids (herbivorous growth eaters) endemic to the region graze algae growth (mostly diatoms) and the micro-organisms living within them from the rocks. This staple food with 18 % spirulina has been developed for these species..
    Adapted teeth as rasping tools
    In the course of their evolution, the teeth of these fish have developed into scraping tools. The genus Labeotropheus from Lake Malawi is therefore also known as scrapermouth mbuna.
    Occurrence in the Rift Valley lakes
    At depths below 6-10 m, algae growth ceases due to lack of light and growth eaters can no longer find their food there. From this depth onwards, the predatory species are predominant in Lake Malawi.
    The background to the name
    As most of the cultivated cichlid species from Lake Malawi are growth eaters, JBL has named this food JBL PRONOVO MALAWI FLAKES & GRANO. However, there are of course also growth-eating species from Lake Tanganyika which require the same food as the growth-eaters from Lake Malawi. So please do not be confused by the names!