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    Animal friendly coexistence of small animals

    Animal friendly coexistence of small animals

    Posted by TRIXIE 

    As a general rule, rabbits and guinea pigs should never be kept alone. When keeping them in small groups, there are important things to keep in mind that are crucial for animal-friendly and peaceful coexistence of the animals. Rabbits and guinea pigs are herd and flight animals by nature. They live together with many animals in the wild and their only defense is to detect the enemy early and take flight. Therefore, they need viewing platforms with different levels.

    For hiding, a visual screen and various shelters are necessary, which should always have at least two entrances or exits so that no animal can be cornered. This is also very important for the natural rank fights within the group. For this purpose, e.g. shelters with lying areas, houses also with different levels on the roof and bridges are suitable.

    Free-standing cage accessories such as drinker holders and climbing elements also structure and design the free-range enclosure to suit the animals.

    The design of the outdoor enclosure can change from time to time, so that the animals can always explore their environment anew and have something to discover.

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