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    🌴✈️ Carefree holidays with your automatic feeder! 🌴✈️

    01 Oct 2023
    Automatic feeding
    With the JBL PRONOVO AUTOFOOD you can feed your fish up to 4 times a day with varying amounts of food.
    Food supply for weeks
    The food chamber has space for 125 ml of granulated food. The food supply can be increased by screwing on a 250 ml food tin. An adapter ring for JBL PRONOVO tins is included.
    Individually programmable
    The feeding times and feeding amount is easy to set on the display. This way you can decide when and how much to feed.
    Air drying prevents mould
    The feeder has an air connection which enables you to add an air pump for drying food. No more clumping and mould.
    Easy attachment to the aquarium
    The automatic unit can be mounted by suction cups or with a sturdy clamp mount. The holder can be rotated through 360°.
    The automatic feeder is available in the neutral colours black and white.
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